The Animal Medical Clinic warmly welcomes you and your family pets to Guam! The Animal Medical Clinic is a government certified quarantine facility, and our superior standard of veterinary care extends to our quarantine program.

We are proud to introduce Guam’s newest quarantine facility. We are the only civilian facility offering indoor and fully air conditioned kennels, ensuring the very best comfort and safety for your pets. We service both our civilian residents and military guests with equal care and professionalism, ensuring a safe and easy transition to Guam. Guam is a rabies-free island, and quarantine is a government regulated requirement for entry of pets to the island. The quarantine laws are designed to protect residents and pets from the potentially deadly spread of rabies virus. As long as you follow all pre-entry requirements, we are potentially able to release your pets within 24 hours.

The requirements may appear daunting, but be assured that some simple steps and planning can ensure a smooth and stress free move to Guam. We are here to assist in the process and give you and your pets a pleasant experience once arriving on Guam. Upon arrival, your pets will be cared for immediately and transported to the quarantine facility which is just five minutes from the airport. They will be allowed to exercise before being placed into large air-conditioned kennels. Veterinary care is available 24 hours. As long as paper work is in order, your family pets will be released at the earliest convenience.

The Animal Medical Clinic pet quarantine is managed by professional, courteous and caring veterinary staff, who are trained and entrusted to give your pets the very best care. We will do our utmost to assist in your transition to the island and ensure that the quarantine process is a smooth and stress-free experience for you and your pets!

General Information:

Planning ahead is the key if you plan to bring your family pet to Guam. If specific pre-arrival and post arrival requirements are met, animals may now qualify for a ‘5 days or less’ quarantine. Most of these pets can be released within 24 hours, or even at the airport with special arrangement. Coming to Guam unprepared may require that your pet stays up to 120 days in confinement.

The Guam Department of Agriculture is the regulatory body for quarantine, and it is suggested to contact them at 163 Dairy Road, Mangilao, Guam 96923 Phone: (671) 300-7965/6 fax: (671) 734-6569 or email at least 90 days prior to your intended arrival to satisfy all requirements.

Details of all requirements can be found on our website under ‘Rules and Regulations‘. The information may seem overwhelming, but some simple steps starting 90 days prior to your arrival can make things easy. Your local veterinarian can assist you with pre-arrival preparation.

Animal Medical Clinic pet quarantine, in accordance with Guam quarantine laws, provides a convenient, safe and professional service to welcome your pets to Guam. We are the only civilian facility with indoor and air conditioned kennels. Our facility is brand new and we are highly motivated to serve you and your pets with superior service. We offer a 15% military discount. (See reservation form for details).

Our quarantine fees are listed in detail under ‘reservations’. In addition, the government of Guam Customs and off-duty fees will be added. It is extremely important that you have an entry permit with the correct arrival date. No shows and lack of correct paperwork will still be charged with the pick-up fee by the quarantine facility and as well as all gov. of Guam fees.

The Animal Medical Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital, and serves several functions. Guam is a rabies free territory and our quarantine facility serves to protect residents and pets from the serious consequences of the spread of rabies. We are also a luxury boarding facility and enthusiastically serve both our local and military residents with courteous and professional service. We look forward to assisting you with your move to our beautiful island of Guam.